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Welcome to the home of the Squamish Men's Hockey League.

We are a men's hockey league located in Squamish, British Columbia.


This hockey league is committed to creating a highly competitive and highly respectful environment for men to play recreational hockey. Our goal is to have the league well organized and well managed so all players can benefit and enjoy playing the sport of Hockey. We believe the league should be structured and managed with the prime focus of benefiting all who play and work in this league.

Currently the league consists of 7 teams; Chiefs, Blue Whales, Goonies, Stars, Badgers, Grizzlies, & Cougars. We are a non-contact league that is sanctioned by Hockey Canada with the Adult Safe Hockey League as the governing body for rules & policies.

This is men's league with the minimum age of 18 where anyone can play if they choose to. We respect everyone's right to play however space is limited with only 7 teams. If you wish to play please contact to find out more.

We are committed to creating a great environment for men to play hockey.


The League Management.

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