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SMHL Payments & Fees

  • Team registration fees are $8300.00 per team for the 2023 – 2024 Regular Season.

  • There are extra fees for acquiring jerseys which is usually managed by the team reps.

  • All general fees must be paid in full by October 31st, 2023.

  • Payments not received by the scheduled due date by the team or it’s players will temporarily disqualify the corresponding team and its players from participation until the payment issues have been reconciled and the appropriate balance due is paid in full.

  • The Team Manager is responsible for making team payments to the SMHL. Checks are made payable to Squamish Men’s Hockey League. The SMHL will not refund any individual team member. Resolution in regards to reimbursements or refunds for players who have signed under a team manager must be made with that team manager.

    • Refund Policy: As per SMHL policies, the SMHL may withhold 25% of the program (program registration fee) for administrative costs. All refunds must be requested in person by the team manager and must be accompanied with a written refund request. No refunds shall be given after the first day of the season.

  • Any team whose payment is in default due to a non-sufficient funds check or declined credit card is ineligible to play until the team account is current. The Non-Sufficient Funds fee is $25.00.

  • How to pay

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